LP: White Willow - Storm Season (REMASTERED)

LP: White Willow - Storm Season (REMASTERED)

180 gr exclusive vinyl edition of White Willow's bestselling 2004 album, Storm Season. Remastered, with beautiful new artwork by Trine&Kim and packaged in a gorgeous gatefold.

From Progulator:

"(The remaster) is a thorough improvement over the original. Sylvia Erichsen’s vocal performance, most notably the intense highs, comes through with enhanced clarity but doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of presence. The middle of Insomnia in particular carries such emotion and finishes with such a primal call (“As the curtain falls down”); the remaster polishes the sound here in just the right way, adding even more gravity to a spine-tingling section.

The differences are probably most obvious at the beginning of Nightside of Eden. The overt compression muddles the original, crushing the low frequencies especially. The new version manages to keep the overall guitar sound in its rightfully prominent position (it’s driving the phrase after all) while bringing out a much more balanced bass attack. I’m not sure if this was an intended consequence or not, but I feel like the entire phrase transitions more naturally into the gorgeous piano part before repeating again.

Storm Season has always been my preferred White Willow album, and one of my personal favorites across any genre. There is no filler, dozens of bare, brilliant ideas, and excellent performances throughout. The fact that it’s so memorable is a welcome bonus. If nothing else, this edition makes those moments more dynamic — the Floydian guitar solo in Sally Left, the piano and strings in Soul Burn, the outro in Insomnia that sounds like a cross between dark surf pop and a mad scientist’s lab… memorable.

Add the inclusion of the excellent bonus track (originally available on the Avalon pressing of the record in Japan) ... and this Storm Season edition is a clear winner. I would honestly recommend this release as an upgrade to fans of the original, and if you don’t own it already, repent immediately and purchase from your local progmonger."

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